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The Healthy Mouth Restoration Guide

A science-backed and holistic three-step blueprint for achieving lasting relief from aggravating dry mouth symptoms.
The Healthy Mouth Restoration Guide
A Guide discussing Three Steps to Lasting Relief from Dry Mouth

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, as many as 65% of people suffer from dry mouth (or xerostomia), a condition resulting from an inadequate production of nutrient-rich saliva.

For individuals with Sjögren's syndrome or those whose salivary glands have been damaged by cancer treatments, the prevalence of dry mouth is closer to 100%. Dry mouth is also common in individuals with HIV/AIDS, diabetes, and other chronic

For some, the symptoms of dry mouth are mild and can be temporarily eased by increasing water intake or chewing gum. But for others, dry mouth can be downright debilitating, often leading to difficulty swallowing, tooth decay, bad breath, and even trouble talking.

Regardless of the cause, most symptoms of dry mouth can be traced back to the underproduction of nutrient-rich saliva and the disruption of the oral microbiome (the bacterial population in the mouth). In a healthy mouth, the saliva nourishes the good bacteria in your mouth, which in turn keep the harmful bacteria in check. In a dry mouth, disease-causing bacteria dominate, like weeds in a parched garden!

That’s why I created the "healthy mouth restoration blueprint," a science-backed and holistic approach to returning the oral ecosystem to a healthy state, where it can defend itself. The three-step blueprint can be found in the free, downloadable guide posted below. I think you’ll find it valuable!

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